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Rib and Chest Pain

Pain from the ribs is usually described as sharp, stabbing pain. You also often feel increased pain when you take a breath. So it is not surprising that people are often rushed to hospital thinking something very serious has happened.

When underlying heart and lung problems have been ruled out by your GP. Physiotherapy can help to make an accurate diagnosis of the cause of your symptoms so that appropriate treatment can be directed at the cause.

There are 136 joints holding your ribs onto your spine. Physiotherapy can help to reduce pain caused by inflammation of any one of these small joints or of the soft tissues that cover the area. We can help to retrain rib and chest movement, using a whole tool box of  treatments to restore you back to your normal life. Including acupuncture, and  joint mobilisations, myofascial, muscle and soft tissue release to restore normal movement of your body.
We can then help to retrain your posture, muscles and movement patterns to prevent recurrence of your symptoms.

For stubborn problems you may need a specialist orthopaedic opinion which may  include scans, X-rays and possible corticosteroid injections.  We are able to discuss the best management for you.

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