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Sports Injuries

"Sports injuries... How do I get back to playing my sport ASAP!."

Sports injuries vary greatly depending on the nature of the sport and the build of the sports person.

Some result from a specific injury or incident, typical of that sport, such as knee injuries in football, while others will be caused through over-use, such as shin splints in marathon running or even from poor training methods, for example a lack of 'warm up' before high intensity exercise.

Cyclists out on the road

The resulting damage again can vary from very slight to severe. In some cases, you can apply appropriate first aid and self-management and be able to get back to your sporting activities fairly quickly. 

Other injuries unfortunately, may be more serious. In these cases, to minimise further damage and facilitate a more rapid return to your sport and your active life style, you are likely to benefit from getting professional help.

How can we help you?

At our Clinic, our team of professionals can offer a wealth of experience, treating and rehabbing a wide range of sporting injuries, ranging from skiing accidents, shoulder injuries, through to athletes with plantar fasciitis.

Our purpose built rehab gym, based at our Lamerton clinic, offers the ideal environment for you to benefit from the combined experience and clinical expertise of our specialist Chartered Physiotherapists.

To start your recovery ring 01822 617722 to book your appointment

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