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Shin Splints

Shin splints is the term given for exercise-induced pain in the front lower legs, or shins. Initially dull pain along the shin bone can come on during or after strenuous activity, particularly running or sports with sudden stops and starts, such as basketball and tennis.

Running for gold!

If you ignore it and continue exercising it can become extremely painful and force you to stop sport altogether.

It is really important not to ‘run through the pain’, as the shin pain could be a sign of injury to the bone and surrounding tissues in your leg. Instead, you should get some expert advice and diagnosis. 

You can still exercise during this time off, but choose activities that will not put too much force on your shins, such as cycling or swimming.

We look at the symptoms, causes and possible treatment options including foot biomechanics, pelvic alignment and muscle balance, sports massage, then give you a strengthening and  stretching programme, to help prevent or manage future injury.

We also hold runners assessment clinics, where we video and assess your gait and do movement patterning assessment.

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