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Tavistock Physio Clinics at Lamerton, Tavistock PL19 8QA and also at 9 Plymouth Road, Tavistock PL19 8AU and Leg O Mutton, Yelverton PL20 6AA

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Tavistock Physio Clinics is a team of specialist Chartered Physiotherapists, treating musculoskeletal (back pain, neck pain, sciatica, other spinal conditions, muscle, joint, myofascial and soft tissue injuries, including sports injuries)


Physiotherapy is the treatment of injury or disease by stimulating the body's own healing process,  Our qualified and highly experienced physiotherapists use a combination of techniques to resolve your pain fast and get you active again. It can assist in the treatment of all muscular and joint pain including back and neck pain, sports injuries, soft tissue injuries, osteoarthritis and joint care.

Our initial consultation is just the start. Once we have removed your pain, we enable you to help your body to adjust and maintain improved movement and function. we want to help you improve your health and fitness, to get the most from life.

Initial Assessment

At your  initial assessment our physiotherapists will take the time to learn about you and what you do. They will thoroughly assess you, allowing them to diagnose the cause of your  pain and create a treatment plan tailored to you and your goals, with a clear understanding of what can be done to help you.

What will my treatment involve?

Your treatment will consist of a combination of the following:


You do not need a GP referral before making an appointment,unless using Private Health Insurance. Most insurance companies require a letter of referral prior to your initial appointment.

Call us on 01822 617722