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Falls prevention and Balance

Our falls prevention and balance class, is aimed at those people who value their independence in later life.  As we get older, we are more likely to have Osteoporosis. Osteoporosis weakens the bones, increasing the likelihood of breaks and fractures after falls.

What happens in the class?

In order to reduce the risk of falling over, we use physiotherapy, specific exercises and specialist advice. Our aim is to help you improve or maintain your balance and equally important, is that we help you improve your essential strength and mobility, so that you can retain your independence and reduce your risk of injury from falls.

The class starts with a gentle warm up which includes Tai Chi activities. Participants work individually on strengthening exercises guided by the physiotherapist. We practise and advise on how to get down and up from the floor as well as working on your core stability and balance.

Good balance is developed through a combination of strength and muscle control. It involves co-ordination, body awareness and control.

Who is the class suitable for?

Some participants have a reduced ability to balance due to neurological issues, which may affect their sensation or muscle control. Others have an imbalance of strength due to surgery or pain. There are of course many people that come to the class, as they just want to do what they can, to help delay the deterioration in their strength and fitness that occurs as they celebrate their birthdays!

Our aim is to increase your confidence in your mobility, so that you can go about your day to day life and enjoy it to the full.

We also hope that you will enjoy the social element of the class, where you will have the opportunity of meeting likeminded people and take the time afterwards to enjoy a well earned cuppa and a chat in our coffee area.

The class is suitable for all levels and can be tailored to suit most levels of limitation.

If you think this class might help preserve or improve the quality of yours or a friends day to day life, ring the clinic for more details or book your place on a class. We would love to meet you!

For information on the class timetable please click here

To start your class ring 01822 617722 to book your appointment.