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Tennis or Golfers Elbow

Tendonitis of the elbow is often referred to as tennis elbow or golfers elbow due to its common occurrence in tennis players and golfers, but in fact any sport or activity that requires gripping can cause this problem. For example, it is sometimes referred to as rowing elbow or hand shaking politicians elbow.

Tennis player in action

A more precise definition of the condition is that it is an inflammation of several structures of the elbow. These include muscles, tendons, bursa, periosteum (covering of bone), and epicondyle (bony projections on the outside and inside of the elbow, where muscles of the forearm attach to the bone of the upper arm).

Physiotherapy can help to reduce pain caused by inflammation, we can help to retrain elbow movement. We are able to use a whole tool box of  treatments to restore you back to your normal life. Including acupuncture, and  joint mobilisations, myofascial, muscle and soft tissue release to restore normal movement.

We can then help to retrain your posture, muscles and movement patterns to prevent recurrence of your symptoms.

For stubborn problems you may need a specialist orthopaedic opinion which may  include scans, X-rays, shock wave  and possible corticosteroid injections.  We are able to discuss the best management for you.

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