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By Jane Hyde

We sat down to write something informative about how we treat our patients with a combination of physiotherapy and exercise-based rehabilitation. However we thought it would be much better, if one of our clients told you their story.

This is Jenny’s story (for confidentiality this is not her real name) told by her, in her own words:

After 25 years working as an administrator, I developed a right shoulder injury. At the time, I had also been caring for elderly relatives who had come to live with us, and somehow over the course of time an initial ache had transformed into a pain and it would not go away. My shoulder was giving me serious grief. Eventually I went to see my GP and was prescribed pain killers. I was also referred to the orthopaedic department at Derriford Hospital. A year later and after several scans and tests I managed to see a very thoughtful consultant, who explained that there was no surgical solution to my problem. Instead, he suggested that I contact Tavistock Physio Clinics and ask for a consultation.

I made the appointment more in hope than expectation. The initial assessment was extremely detailed and the physiotherapist was very patient. She asked lots of sensible questions and then set about developing a bespoke treatment plan. I was introduced to a course of physiotherapy and acupuncture, and the shoulder responded. I was supplied with some specific exercises to practise at home between appointments, and between these and my regular physiotherapy treatments the shoulder improved. At first the pain reduced, then the mobility began to return.

As I saw the improvement I decided to attend the shoulder rehab class at Tavistock Physio Clinics, and this really helped in my recovery. My physiotherapist then suggested a clinical Pilates class to improve my core strength and flexibility, so I joined this and I now enjoy a class every week. Recently I have joined the Women Only Workout: a mixture of core, shoulder, knee, coordination and balance exercises which gets my cardiovascular system ticking over properly.

Today I no longer require pain killers and I enjoy a full range of movement in my shoulder. Hooray!

This is just one of many similar such stories we could have shared, and we hope it will encourage you not to ‘just put up with’ any aches and pains that you or a close friend or family member may have. There are of course many other conditions, ranging from painful back, neck or other spinal conditions to aching knees, hips, elbows, wrists and feet, to name but a few, that physiotherapy can successfully help treat. Current evidence-based research confirms the benefits of combining treatment with a carefully planned rehabilitation exercise programme, which should be assessed and progressed on a regular basis. We all want to stay active and enjoy life to the full, so remember you don’t have to put up with pain!

Jane Hyde

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Last updated 24th February 2022

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